Fabulous’ Conversation Tee Pee

100619860131249pI’ve decided to start to do quasi-reviews of things that Fabulous loves, or items that we as a family find beneficial to our new normal.  In the case of the “Conversation Tee-Pee”  Fabulous bought it on Saturday, and it immediately became her go-to “safe-space.”  Manufactured by B toys (carried on Amazon and at Target), it retails for around $45.  Always one for a bargain, Fabulous found it on clearance at a local Target for $23, and quickly snatched it up with birthday money.  The tent is made of of sturdy nylon tent material, and uses collapsible tent poles up the side and on the square base to make it truly free-standing.  It also has a small lantern that changes colors, which you hook from the ceiling of the tee-pee.  I’d recommend it for children under the age of 10.  Two children easily fit inside, and one small child and adult can also sit inside of it.

Fabulous LOVES her Tee-Pee.  She likes to hang in it with her stuffed animals, or with her dog, Nya (pronounced Knee-ah).  She calls it her conversation tee-pee because she likes to invite people in to have conversations.  Sunday morning I sat inside with her and we named some stuffed animals, and discussed why we gave them each name.  She loves this tent, and I think all children need special places, but for those of us with transgender children, I think this takes on an even greater importance.  Since coming out on Sunday night, she has slept in our room, in her tee-pee.  She does hang out of it when she sleeps (head and shoulders, although curled up she can sleep completely inside), but the nightmares she usually has most nights have been silent.  I think our children think a lot more and more deeply on what it is to be them, than our cis-gendered children do.  I can tell you, Fabulous’ brother doesn’t really give it much thought, but we know Fabulous does.  If you can’t afford something like this, then make a safe space out of boxes, pillows, or blankets.