What’s Up?…Open Your World

Keep-Calm-And-Whats-UpSoooo….over a month with zero posts…what’s up with that?  Well I always said I did this for me, and I’ve been so friggin’ busy with work, where I also do a lot of writing, so I’ve kind of just let life marinate for the past six weeks.  I decided to finally write again, because I’d like to keep this going, and because I was waiting to see if Fab could get out of her funk.

I’m happy to say that she did.  She and I share an outdoor hobby where she is completely stealth within the community.  At the beginning of April we went out in nature for a long weekend, and it seemed to make her dysphoria go away.  She simply lights up in nature and it was just what she needed.  She came back from that weekend a different kid.  She’s becoming more comfortable in her skin as she figures out who she is.  She doesn’t need to wear dresses every day, and she has shown herself to be a fierce competitor in soccer where even with her petite frame she refuses to back down to anyone.

Her fierceness, most days, reflects how she tackles life.  She and I will take an outdoorsy trip as soon as school lets out for the summer, and I’m looking forward to spending that time with her.  For those who really know her to think of her as anything but a girl now seems completely foreign.  Even looking at old pictures I find it hard to recognize that kid.  Being trans is just one facet of many that makes up who she is, and this is often where people make mistakes when measuring or judging a trans-person.

I say the above because I want to share the following video, which is actually a Heineken commercial that has a trans-woman in it.  The point is, when we open ourselves up to the world, and actually take the time to talk then pre-judgements can be changed or reversed.  Judge a person for who they are, not what they are.  Enjoy!