Remember Your Power: A Statement from Transgender Youth


So, this commentary ran on November 20th in The Advocate (Link is HERE).  I thought it was worth sharing here as these young people are paving the way for the next generation of children like Fab.  If we are lucky and Trump is a one term and done president then Fab will turn 11 in the final year of a Trump presidency.  It will be around that time she will need to seek medical interventions, and shortly after she will enter the tween and then teen world.

These young people show themselves to be intelligent, fierce, and strong.  They hold their heads high, and refuse to bow down to the last gasps of a bigoted, misogynistic, and racist red America.  They give me hope for Fab’s future.  As parents, we fight for our kids and as they begin to get older they also find their voices and join us in the trenches.  It seems to me that these young people have found their voices, and refuse to be silenced.  These young people should give all of us hope for the future of our children and of our country.

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