A Thankful Thanksgiving

lgbt-thanksgivingAs I sit here watching football with my grandfather, father, and brother I am reminded just how lucky my family is, and how thankful I am for the supportive family around Fab.  She has been living proud and out for less than a month, and there is not a member of my family who isn’t proud of her and the courage she has shown to be her authentic self.

There are many transgender people, both young and old, who are not so lucky, and will be spending today alone because their families are incapable of seeing them for the beautiful people they are on the inside.  This not only makes me sad, but also drives home all that we have to  be thankful for as a family.  In future years, I have thought it might be nice to invite one of these people into our home for Thanksgiving, because nobody should have to be alone on a day like today.  This year, however, we are spending it away from home with family for the first time in six years.

I thought I would share five things Fab and I are thankful for this year:

  1. My children have gone another year happy and healthy.
  2. The love and support of my family which allows me to get through anything.
  3. Fab finally found her voice, and as a result I got to meet my daughter.
  4. My wife, my partner in crime.  Together, nothing is impossible.
  5. New friends I have made that have helped me to understand Fab better and my role as her daddy.

Five things Fab is thankful for:

  1. Her teacher who loves her and teaches her things.
  2. Her mom and dad who she can tell anything and who keep her safe.
  3. Her dogs that snuggle with her and give her kisses.
  4. Her friends that like her for her.
  5. That she gets to finally wear pretty dresses.

I know her her list isn’t long or deep of thought, but she is only seven, and it comes directly from her.

For now, we both just want to say to everyone out there…Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.  We both look forward to the next year and what it has to bring.

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