Best Friend Are Awesome

Fabulous has a best friend, and we’ll call her Wonderful, because that is exactly what she is.  Being spring break where we live, Wonderful’s mother and I planned on making arrangements to get them together for a play date.  Now I had asked Fabulous if he had told any of his friends how he felt on the inside, as did his mother, and he said no.  Knowing this we felt it best to let Wonderful’s mother know that Fabulous was gender fluid, and we wanted to make sure she was OK with this before getting together.

As I brought it up over the phone, she laughed, and said, “Wonderful already told me that Fabulous feels like a girl on the inside.  We were having a sleepover with a couple other little girls, and Wonderful sighed and said she wished Fabulous could be there, and it would be ok because he already felt like a girl on the inside.”

Wonderful’s mama was awesome about it, and fully supports what we are doing with Fabulous.  We talked for a good while, and I found out that the only thing that makes Wonderful mad at Fabulous is that he has used all her purple and pink crayons.  I also found out that Wonderful thinks Fabulous has his own sparkle, and I kind of have to agree with her.

The conversation left me feeling energized and excited for Fabulous.  One of the great fears I think any parent has for a child is will he/she be liked, have friends, be loved.  Add to it concerns on if Fabulous will stay gender fluid or transition to living as a girl it simply does my heart good to know that his best friend won’t stop being his friend simply because of how he identifies.  It seems as adults we can learn a thing or two from Wonderful who already loves Fabulous for what is on the inside, and the outside doesn’t matter so much.

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